Blood and Business

The Disney Brothers Episode 1 (Walt & Roy)

April 10, 2022 Cassie and Bethany Season 1 Episode 3
Blood and Business
The Disney Brothers Episode 1 (Walt & Roy)
Show Notes

Today we’re looking at a brother duo whose imagination and belief in each other changed the world. Their influence is more alive today than ever before, and their mark has been recorded in every nation on earth. They shaped the landscape of the entertainment industry we know today, and are some of the most influential people in all of American history. Their biggest mission? To spark joy & happiness in as many hearts as possible, and to do it in a way that could only be explained by magic. They are… Roy and Walt Disney. Let's talk about where they came from, why they were so close, and how in the world they were able to create the empire that is... Disney.

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