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The Disney Brothers Episode 3 (Walt Disney & Roy)

April 10, 2022 Cassie and Bethany Season 1 Episode 5
Blood and Business
The Disney Brothers Episode 3 (Walt Disney & Roy)
Show Notes

By the time he died, Walt Disney and his Imagineers had mastered the art of magic using every communication medium known to man. In 1966, Walt Disney Productions estimated that around the world 240 million people saw a Disney movie, and almost 7 million made the trek to a place that felt more like a dream than reality, a place pulled right out of Walt’s imagination… Disneyland. It was here that Walt spent most of his time in the last decade of his life. It was here that he really lived. A Kingdom of magic, and just a little pixie dust. The Happiest Place on Earth. But behind it all, from the beginning until the end, there were just 2 brothers and a mouse.

This has been the story of The Disney Company through the lens of Walt Disney’s biography & life story. 

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