Blood and Business

The Bouvier Sisters Episode 2 (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis & Princess Lee Radziwill)

May 10, 2022 Cassie and Bethany Season 1 Episode 7
Blood and Business
The Bouvier Sisters Episode 2 (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis & Princess Lee Radziwill)
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They were alike in a lot of ways -- Both loved the arts, and they were both guilty of spending actual fortunes on the contents of their closets… Both loved everything European. But their favorite place was Lasata, East Hampton New York, where their father encouraged the genius and beauty in everything they did. 

But they were different people at their core. One loved to sink into the back of the classroom with her nose in a book; one wanted everyone to know her. One was a flirt; one was more about practicality. One always struggled to find funds; one attracted money like it grew on trees. One submitted herself to the traditions she grew up in, and made the most of the roles of her time -- she took all she could; the other rebelled against the boundaries forced on her, sacrificing comforts, security, and praise. One wrestled with her identity for her entire life, trying to find a way to shine on her own stage; one fought overwhelming publicity and clung to the little privacy she was allowed. 2 sisters. Money, husbands, camera flashes, couture sunglasses, and too much tragedy for one lifetime.

This is the true story of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis & Princess Lee Radziwill… we’ve read all the biographies, watched all the documentaries... here is everything you need to know, complete with all the juicy details.

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(Cont.) The Bouvier Sisters Episode 2 (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis & Princess Lee Radziwill)