Blood and Business

Season 2 UPDATE and The Fox Sisters

October 24, 2022 Cassie and Bethany Episode 12
Blood and Business
Season 2 UPDATE and The Fox Sisters
Show Notes

We're back!!! Tune in for all the updates, what to expect for season two, and a spooky story for your All Hallows' Eve! 👻

WARNING: Do not listen to today’s episode by yourself on a run before the sun comes up, or doing dishes near an open window at night.

Today we are telling a story of sisters who played the prank heard ‘round the world. It is our oldest story yet. Do you feel that chill in the air?… We’re in upstate New York— the year is 1848. There’s a little cottage up ahead where 2 sisters live… with a mom, a dad, and ghosts. They are... The Fox Sisters.

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