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Kennedy Family Meeting 2: JFK Before Fame

December 05, 2022 Cassie and Bethany Season 2 Episode 4
Blood and Business
Kennedy Family Meeting 2: JFK Before Fame
Show Notes

In this episode Cassie and Bethany discuss JFK and Lem Billings’ intimate relationship, the different dynamic that each sibling had with one another, and the fact that the kids did not know about The Great Depression until they went off to college... This is The Kennedy Family Meeting Episode Two.

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This is our discussion of the infamous American royal family… the Kennedy family. Joe, Rose, Joe Jr., John or Jack or JFK if you will, Rosemary, Kathleen (Kick), Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Patricia (Pat) Kennedy Lawford, Robert or Bobby or RFK if you will, Jean, and Edward, or Ted (Teddy)… we’ve read all the biographies, watched all the documentaries... here is everything you need to know, complete with all the juicy details. 

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