Blood and Business

The Kennedy Siblings Episode 1: From Poverty to Presidency

November 28, 2022 Cassie and Bethany Season 2 Episode 1
Blood and Business
The Kennedy Siblings Episode 1: From Poverty to Presidency
Show Notes

"Today we are telling a story of siblings born and bred to run the world. They were the most infamous family of the 20th century. Their story drips with controversy, their names whispered through the decades since they left their voices echoing in time & space. Their hands helped mold the America we know, sharing with their country dreams of landing on the moon, freedom for everyman, and by example they inspired generations to reach the highest heights. They played with fire, and only a few survived. Their words ring through our history books, their pretty faces on our television screens, and their signature will forever be stamped on our national identity. They stood in the trenches, we stood beside them, they flashed their diamonds, we flashed our cameras, they had their fun, and we saluted them. They were good; they were evil; they were human. They are... The Kennedys."

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